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Super Crooks Vol 1.
Oceans 11 + X Men = Super Crooks and it’s pretty awesome.
This story has the oceans 11 kind of story of assembling a team of some super powered bad guys to pull of a huge heist. The cool concept is obviously there are hundreds of super heroes, so they instead go to Spain to pull off the heist, where there are no super heroes.
It’s a fun story and a cool incorporation of using lots of cool abilities to pull of a huge heist. This story is basically perfect for a movie (which is in the works right now)
I am a big fan of Mark Millar’s stuff, they’re always fun, violent and action packed. Leinil Yu’s art is awesome in this book just like in Millar’s “Superior”
I really enjoyed this book, get it if your a fan of Millar, like super hero books or crime books. It’s just fun comics

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